Flight seeing throughout the Brooks Range and Gates of the Arctic National Park available year round. The snow on the mountain peaks in combination of long sunsets is an unforgettable experience. The desolate beauty of the arctic is not easily matched or replaced.  Depending on the time of year, the opportunity to watch the caribou herd by the neighboring village of Anaktuvuk may be available. To understand the great expanse that surrounds you, fly above it all and truly take in the beauty of the Arctic.

During the months of November, December & January the window of opportunity for flight seeing is limited due to lack of sunlight and extreme temperatures, please keep this in mind. We are in the land of extremes, all aircraft operations are weather dependent. Please inquire for pricing and details.

“Surrounding me was an expanse of earth so redolent, so exuberant, so intoxicatingly beautiful, and yet so cold and cruel, the sight of it made me ache. If a reach of land can be personified, this one was the girl who broke your heart.”
Bob Reid – Arctic Circle