We are pleased to offer a wide selection of fishing options which includes all Arctic Species. The following information will assist in planning your successful fly-in fishing adventure. Bettles Lodge can outfit you with rental equipment such as fishing rods, tackle, rafts, canoes, tents, stoves, and other misc. camping gear.

Our fishing clients range from experts to novices and many people have even caught their first fish with us! Custom trips range from spending an afternoon fishing with a guide or being dropped off by a float plane for several days where you can float a river of your choice or setup a base camp. Trips are flexible and we have several recommendations per inquiry.
Full meal packages are also available for your trip, please inquire.  Limited number of fully equipped and setup tent camps available. Please call or write and we will be happy to help put together the fishing trip of a lifetime!

Shee Fish

This relatively unknown species is fast becoming talked about by serious sport fishermen. Called the “Tarpon of the North” these superb fighters average 20 pounds and easily go up to 50 pounds. Catch these monsters on spoons or sinking flies. Shee fish spawn in the Upper Kobuk River starting in mid-July. Best fishing is from August 5th to September 15th. Besides great aerial displays when hooked, Shee Fish are also know for their excellent eating that is very similar to halibut. Flies: Weighted sinking flies that simulate small fish 2 – 3 inches. The brighter, shiniest material you can find. Lures: As with flies, the brightest lures seem to work best. Krocodiles & Kastmasters in the 1oz. size work well. Definitely world class fishing!

Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling are abundant in nearly all clear water lakes and rivers and are available during the entire season. Small spinners and flies work equally well. They are prized for their vibrant colors and large speckled dorsal fins. Size averages 10 to 18 inches. Flies: Small dry flies such as mosquitoes and black gnats. Lures: Small spinning Mepps, Pixies, or Vibrax. Grayling are easy and fun to catch.

Lake Trout

Lake Trout are abundant in the larger deep water lakes. Trout can be caught using spoons, spinners, or flies. Shore casting and trolling works well for trout and we have boats and motors available in some areas. Size ranges from 5 to 25 pounds depending on the lake. Trout can be caught anytime during the season. Flies: Simulated small fish patterns such as Gray ghost or Black nose dace. Try smolt or “white moth” patterns. The best lures are Krocodile, Kastmaster, Daredevil, Pixie.

Arctic Char

There are two basics types of Arctic Char available, anadromous (spawning) char and resident char. The resident char are available any time during the summer season with the best fishing being during the month of August. Anadromous char begin their spawn up the Northern Rivers in early July with the fishing peaking from late July through late August. Flies and spinners work equally well. The anadromous averages between 8 to 10 lbs. The resident char average 3 to 5 pounds with some fish in the 8 to 10 pound range. Recommended Flies: single or double egg patterns such as Illiamna Pinkies, Glo bugs, or Polar Shrimp. Lures: Pixies, Daredevils, Mepps.

Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon are found in several interior rivers with the best fishing in late July to mid August on the Kobuk River Drainage. Most often fished for using spinners but can be fly fished. Size averages 5 to 15 pounds. Flies almost anything, try char flies. Lures: Pixies, Daredevil, Kastmaster, Crocodile.

Northern Pike

Northern Pike are abundant in many of the rivers, sloughs, and lakes in the area. These veracious eaters can be caught on almost any lure or fly. Size ranges from 5 to 30 pounds and be caught anytime during the season. Flies: Almost any large (#10) fly and top water tackle such as mice with weedless hooks. Lures: Again about any lure used for any other species. They especially like lots of action such as large #3 Mepps spinners. Weedless lures are handy for pike.