Gates of the Arctic National Park

This tour is an add-on to our Arctic Circle package.

“National Park Collectors” come to Bettles every summer for a once in a lifetime adventure. United States Congress recognized the Brooks Range setting aside 8.4 million acres and naming it “Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve” after Robert Marshall.  The Gates of the Arctic is the size of Massachusetts and Connecticut combined, making it the second-largest unit in our national park system, yet few Americans have even heard of it and still fewer have been there.  Bettles is located 25 miles outside the park boundary-  a short hop, skip and jump in a float plane.

Kobuk Valley National Park is known for it’s Greater & Lesser “living” sand dunes, left over from the last Ice Age, glacial sand deposit.  KOVA NP includes over 1.75 million acres.

Daily flights to Bettles are convenient travel for any day of the week you choose to visit. Our same day “National Park Collector Wilderness Adventure”  can take you to both the Gates of Arctic and Kobuk National Park in the same day (Mother Nature dependent…). Many guests have come back to the Lodge with large smiles on their faces as they celebrate the very last of the National Parks on their list.

Picnic Lunch in the Park/s

The Cessna 180 or DeHavilland Beaver are the perfect modes of transportation for this experience. Being able to see the Park from above and to land inside the Park is an incredible treat. We create a shared experience, combining small groups or singles, to share taking in the awesomeness of the scenery, and to maximize the capacity in our float planes.

While in Bettles there are additional activities for those who would like to stay and enjoy the midnight sun a little longer. Our outfit offers chances for  fishing, hiking and rafting in the Arctic.  We require at least two nights in Bettles to join on our National Park Adventure, and for fishing you’ll need a non-resident fishing license.  check out;

Bettles Lodge has specialized in custom trips to the Brooks Range for the past 30 years. Creating a unique experience, Bettles is far from the beaten path, a real Alaskan Lodge with plenty of character and characters! Bettles Lodge is proud to provide Local Tours, Hotel, Restaurant, Gift Shop, Bar and Fueling. Purchase bear spray, white gas, propane, iso-butane and other camping basics.  Please contact us for price quotes and questions.