Dog Sledding Adventures

Dog Sledding Adventures

Looking for an adventure?  You have found the right place!  Iditarod Musher, Sven Haltmann, has teamed up with the Bettles Lodge to provide short tours and day tours into the Brooks Range. Join us for a once in a lifetime experience, dog sledding at its finest. Whether you are looking for a half hour ride or a 5 day adventure, we do it all.

Sven Haltmann owns and operates Arctic Dog Sledding Adventures, located in Bettles.  For 4 years, Sven completed the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, finishing in 14th place out of 71 competitors in 2011.  The Iditarod is known as "The Last Great Race," covering 1000 miles of Alaskan wilderness.  Sven and his huskies are taking a break from Iditarod to provide guided mushing trips into one of the last few wild places left on this earth… the vast and isolated Brooks Range, America's most northern mountain range.

Iditarod Veterans : Guide & Team

Come along for the ride, joining Sven and his swift huskies as you explore the Brooks Range.  Discover the power of a sled dog as you learn how to mush your own team of Iditarod athletes.  You will create a special bond with each of your team mates as you enjoy the scenery and the challenge of steering the sled.  Get to know each dog, each one offering their own personality and attribute to the team. Hold on as we cross frozen lakes, rivers and tundra.  Watch the Northern Lights from the runners of your sled in the pristine wilderness as the sound of the team moves through the tundra.

The dog teams are an extension of our family & staff, these are not your average dogs – they not only run the Iditarod but boost morale, listen when you need someone to talk to, show their affection with no limits and are ready for fun anytime - the perfect friend.  Our teams are 100% Alaskan Husky and 100% friendly. Our dogs receive the best vet care with a full time handler providing training, brushing, extra attention and multiple watering and cleanings per day.

Authentic Alaska

Along the trail you will enjoy the warmth of the various trapper cabins or the heated arctic oven tents after mushing through the trails of the Brooks Mountain Range.  Cooking lunch on the wood stove and telling stories from the trail and past Iditarod Races.  The all-inclusive package includes airfare from Fairbanks, lodging, all meals/snacks, a day out on the trail and sled dog ''school''.  Arctic gear is provided, although you will be asked to bring some necessary items for the trip. Enjoy a hot wood fired sauna and an incredible meal upon returning to civilization in Bettles.

Tour Options

Short Tours Always Available OR call the lodge for more information on our longer Dog Sledding Excursions.